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DunJUNE 2016 – Addendum



Some of you have asked how I made the flora for my shots, so here’s a mini-tutorial.

It’s really super easy ;)



First, find some aquarium plants you really like!

I bought mine from Walmart….because I’m cheap.



The plants will usually come in small packs or single.

In my case, packs….and they came short (above above) and limp noodle (above).



Grab some green wire.

Or silver if that looks better to you.




I know it’s thin, silly, little baby wire, but c’mon people….let’s not take the risk.
Unless you want this emoticon: ;) to represent an eyepatch.

Seriously, though: this wire is thin, so sometimes it’s hard to see the ends waving about during this process.



Pop off all the stems.
Cut a piece of wire.

About the length of the stem you’re trying to prop up. Regular paper scissors will do the trick.



Start at the base, leaving a “tail” to hold onto.

You can always tuck this away later, but it helps with grip.



Wrap the wire up the stem.

I tried this a few times and had to readjust. The best guide I can give you: about one “twist” per “segment”. Kinda like the picture above.

Continue with all stems until complete.

Pose as you wish!


You might have to readjust a few times to get the weight/strength ratio down, but trust me, it WILL work!

Not 100% perfectly, but damn near close.

I’d LOVE to see anyone’s success!

Parting shot:

“Get your vines off of me you damn, dirty plants!”
– LadyB

DunJUNE 2016 – Weird Animal Wednesday! – Otyugh

You know what’s better than an otyugh?




“Otyughs (Aw-tee-ug), also known as the gulguthra, are terrifying creatures that lurk in heaps of dung and decay, waiting for something to disturb it. There are two varieties, the regular otyugh, and its larger, more intelligent offshoot, the neo-otyugh. They feed on dung and wastes from other dungeon creatures (gulguthra means “dung eaters”) but also enjoy an occasional snack of fresh meat…”



“…Otyughs have huge, bloated bodies covered with a rock-like skin that is brownish gray in color, which is in turn covered with dung. They stand on three thick legs that give them slow ground movement but enable them to pivot quickly. They have three eyes on a leaf-like stalk that moves quickly from side to side, enabling them to scan a large area. The eye stalk is also a receiver / transmitter for their telepathic abilities. Otyughs have a huge mouth with very sharp teeth in the center of their mass. They also have two tentacle with leaf-like ridges that they use to smash and grapple their opponents. the tentacles are covered with rough thorn-like projections. Neo-otyughs have smaller mouths than otyughs…”



“…Otyughs and neo-otyughs speak their own language, much of which is non-verbal (movements of eye stalk and tentacles, or emission of certain smells); they also have limited telepathy that enable them to communicate with other creatures. Otyughs reek of dung and decay.”

– Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Monstrous Manual, TSR 1995


Toy Line: Official Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
Date: 1983
Company: LJN
Official Name: Neo-Otyugh


My favorite D&D monster!
– LadyB

Minifig Monday!

“It’s an AMBUSH!”


Minifigs: Assorted Minifigs of all sorts!
Date: 1980s – 2000s
Company: Lego

Always be prepared!



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